Despite the documented need for reliable speech audiometry materials for measures such as speech recognition threshold and word recognition score, such recorded materials are not available in the Vietnamese language. The purpose of this study was to develop, digitally record, evaluate, and psychometrically equate a set of Vietnamese bisyllabic and monosyllabic word lists for use in the measurement of speech recognition and word recognition ability, respectively. To create the speech recognition threshold materials, common Vietnamese bisyllabic words were digitally recorded by male and female talkers of Vietnamese and presented for evaluation to 20 native speakers of Vietnamese with normal hearing. Based on listener response, a set of 48 bisyllabic words with relatively steep psychometric function slopes were selected and digitally adjusted to ensure equivalency for psychometric function slope and to equate threshold to the mean pure-tone average for the test participants. To create the word recognition materials, 250 words were digitally recorded by one male and one female talker of Vietnamese and presented to the listeners for evaluation. Based on listener response, 200 words were selected and divided into 4 lists of 50 monosyllabic words and 8 half-lists of 25 monosyllabic words. The lists were digitally adjusted to ensure intensity threshold equivalency. The resulting mean psychometric function slopes at 50% for the speech recognition threshold materials is 11.3%/dB for the male talker and 10.2%/dB for the female talker. Analysis of the word recognition materials indicates no significant difference between the lists or half-lists. The mean psychometric function slope at 50% for the monosyllabic lists and half-lists is 5.1%/dB for the male recordings and 5.2%/dB for the female recordings. The results of the current study are comparable to those found in other languages. Digital recordings of the bisyllabic and monosyllabic word lists are available on compact disc.



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David O. McKay School of Education; Communication Disorders



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speech audiometry, word recognition, speech recognition, Vietnamese