Under the direction of Dr. Lynn Henrichsen, a group of students has developed numerous units for the Basic Training and Resources for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (BTRTESOL) program. This program is currently located on a website and will someday be published in book and DVD format. These units provide general training for novice teachers who teach domestically or abroad. With little or no training, volunteer English language teachers are often left with questions that BTRTESOL strives to answer in its 52 units. As this audience may or may not have university education or heavy commitment, these units are kept short and to the point with easy to read and understand language. The program uses a minimalist approach so each unit includes only "The least you should know" while connecting users to additional resources in a "where to go to learn more" section. This master's project describes the creation, evaluation and revision of two units for the BTRTESOL program, "Content-Based Language Classes" and "Multiple Skills in One Class." The first unit introduces the idea of integrating content teaching and language teaching into one course. In addition, it explains different types of scaffolding and teaching techniques that will aid novice teachers in creating successful content-based instruction courses. The second unit will help teachers to integrate different linguistic modalities into one course. Suggestions on how to pick themes, manage class time, and plan lessons are addressed



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TESOL, teacher training, content-based instruction, integrated skills instruction, theme-based instruction, multiple skills



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