A team of graduate students from Brigham Young University under the supervision of the main author, Dr. Henrichsen, collaborated on creating a book with an accompanying website, Basic Training and Resources for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (BTRTESOL). The entire program consists of 10 main sections with nearly 50 units addressing topics that novice teachers can choose from to help them prepare to teach English to non-native speakers. The BTRTESOL program answers the need for material designed for novice teachers, material that will help them to be better prepared in a minimalistic, non-overwhelming way. The goal of this program is that novice teachers will be more prepared to face the challenges and responsibilities that teaching English to speakers of other languages (TESOL) brings. Each member of the BTRTESOL team created two units of the program. Each unit summarizes the information about each topic into a few pages of text that provides the minimum amount of information novices should know. The units then direct them to other sources in order to learn more. The program is still under development and is anticipated to be completed within the next few years with other TESOL MA students and Dr. Henrichsen completing subsequent units. This selected project details the making of two units of the BTRTESOL program, one in section one, "Basic Concepts," titled "Tutoring Guidelines," and one in section two, "Designing Programs and Lessons," titled "Designing an Overall Plan for a Course." The tutoring unit describes some guidelines for novice tutors, whether or not they have taught larger classes before. The course design unit describes the basics of creating a course curriculum. Novice tutors and teachers are frequently expected to plan everything for the tutoring sessions or courses as soon as they start their assignments. These units are designed to give them a starting point. In addition to an opening scenario, explanatory text, and resource connections, both of these units provide activities (i.e., a video clip or case studies) for visualization, analysis, reflection, and practical application.



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