To create a much-needed program for training novice and volunteer English teachers, Dr. Lynn Henrichsen put together a team of interested TESOL graduate students who developed materials and resources for this purpose. Under his supervision and mentorship, each student helped with the development of units for a website and book titled, Basic Training and Resources for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (BTRTESOL). Recognizing the target audience as novice teachers with little or no training in teaching English as a second language, each graduate student approached the development of each unit for this BTRTESOL program with this in mind. These untrained teachers are filling the gap that exists in areas of the world that are in need of well trained, certified TESOL teachers but lack resources because of poverty and the large quantity of students wanting to learn English. Owing to the great demand for English skills and the lack of trained teachers, there is a great need for the resources that this program and project provide. My part in this program included the design and development of two units, "Teaching Styles and Cultural Differences" and "Understanding Students' Learning Styles." These two units seek to help novice teachers understand teaching styles, learning styles, the role of culture, and the cultural mismatches that may exist between a teacher's style of teaching and a student's style of learning. These training units help novice teachers learn how to identify, teach, and expand students' learning styles in order to help them improve students' learning. Additionally, the units include information directing users to other resources for more information on these topics.



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