Since the early 1900s, efforts have been made to catalogue the stoneflies of Mongolia. Taxonomic work from 1960 to 1980 greatly expanded basic lists of stoneflies in Mongolia, but no comprehensive survey or synthesis of this dispersed literature has been completed. In conjunction with a modern survey of the aquatic insects of Mongolia, we collected Plecoptera on a series of expeditions to the Selenge (north) and Altai (west) regions of Mongolia. A total of 48 species distributed in 24 genera and 8 families were documented, including 3 of the 5 Mongolian endemics, 2 new species records for Mongolia, and 1 species new to science. The majority of the fauna are representative of the East Palearctic region. The 800+ species records were used to validate historical species lists, document species ranges with geo-referenced localities, and create various identification tools to be used by researchers and Mongolian natives with a broad range of taxonomic experience. These identification tools include a records database, genera-level key to nymphs, species diagnosis pages, species range and predicted Ecological Niche Modeling (ENM) maps, and a custom "Level of Expectedness" (LOE) report useful for determining an unbiased projected species list for local areas. These tools are primarily intended for use by Mongolian scientists, sampling teams, and community water quality monitoring groups, as well as general use by researchers interested in biogeography, ecology, and water quality applications of Mongolian Plecoptera. With this work, we hope to equip Mongolians with the scientific resources to protect their valuable and vulnerable water resources.



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Stoneflies, Plecoptera, Insecta, Mongolia, taxonomy, biogeography, GIS, water quality, biomonitoring



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