Why "igolf"? I love golfing, especially enjoying the gigantic space of the golf course. More importantly, this is the place where I dream and get inspiration for my art. I imagine filling my own global golf course with monumental golf sculptures in the future. This motivation and enthusiasm has modified my direction in creating sculpture. I named my final MFA exhibition "igolf". The idea of the name comes from modern terms we find in popular devices, such as the iPhone, iPod, and the iMac that reflect our technological world. In addition, the sound for "i" shares the same sound of the Chinese Mandarin word for "love." The content of my art represents a dialogue of love similar to the dialogue between men and women who are in love. I have discovered that human beings share many common conversations in daily life, which contain either positive or negative meaning. These conversations might contain hope, excitement, humor, despair, sadness and so on. I decided to use dialogues such as "Can we Start over Again?", "Love is Blind" or "You are my Last Hope!" as the titles of my sculptures. These dialogues help build a mutual understanding between my works and my audiences. When the audiences look at my works and the titles, hopefully they will be reminded of their memorable experiences, whether it be good or bad, with their loved ones. Choosing golf as my subject matter in creating sculptures was inspired by Murakami Takashi, the famous Japanese artist, and Zaha Hadid, an outstanding architect. They are well acknowledged by their incredible works, which symbolize the luxurious life. Therefore, the famous brand Louis Vuitton invited both artists to design for their brand. Events such as these made me realized the potential trend for commercial art. In addition, my 15 year experience as a graphic designer has also helped generate many ideas that relate to golf and its associated products. The practical principles of graphic design have been applied in my "igolf" exhibition. I will proceed to explain the creative process behind each of the works in the exhibition.



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