The purpose of this thesis is to explore the Latter-day Saint theology and teachings concerning the physical nature of man.Exploring the Latter-day Saints' theological approach to corporeal man and God's designs regarding the physical nature of man is significant because of the unique Latter-day Saint belief that God, Himself, is an exalted, corporeal man and that the physical body of man was created by God to enable humans to become like Him in all aspects. Latter-day Saints believe that Heavenly Father created spirit bodies for His sons and daughters in a pre-mortal state.The physical earth was then created through Jesus Christ as a place for God's spirit children to receive the physical bodies necessary to become like Heavenly Father.The uniting of the spirit with a physical body creates the soul of man. Adam and Eve were placed on the earth with immortal, physical bodies which had been organized from elements of the earth. A necessary change occurred in the bodies of Adam and Eve after their Fall, thus making them and their descendants mortal. Mortality provides an environment for man to learn to properly balance both his spiritual and physical natures in an effort to become like Heavenly Father.God's commandments regarding the body, such as the Word of Wisdom, chastity, and treating the body as a temple of God, facilitate mankind's progression. In contrast, disobedience to these commandments negatively affects man's soul, both body and spirit. Eventually, physical death will separate the spirit from the body of every mortal. Jesus Christ received a physical body and experienced mortality like everyone else. However, through His perfect mortal life, Jesus is able to succor mankind in the trials of mortality. Jesus also performed the Atonement through His own death and resurrection and unconditionally redeemed mankind from physical death. Because of the Atonement of Jesus Christ, all mankind will overcome physical death through resurrection and receive the degree of eternal glory merited through obedience and repentance in mortality.



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Corporeal, human body, physical nature, flesh and bone, blood