This thesis provides analytical and experimental proof-of-concept for a new feedback-controlled sound transmission control module for use in an active segmented partition (ASP) array. The objective of such a module is to provide high transmission loss down to low audible frequencies while minimizing the overall mass of the module. This objective is accomplished in the new module by using actively controlled panels in conjunction with analog feedback controllers. The new module also overcomes two limitations that exist in current ASP modules: the inability to control broadband random-noise and the lack of bidirectional control through the module. Overcoming these limitations represents an important advancement in the research area of actively controlled partitions and broadens the number of potential applications for ASP arrays. Analogous circuit models were developed and used to predict the performance of the new ASP module under feedback control. The preliminary design consists of two loudspeaker drivers mounted back-to-back in a duct, with two decoupled analog feedback controllers connected to reduce the vibration of the loudspeaker cones. It was found that the classical analogous circuit model of a loudspeaker proved inadequate for modeling the low- and mid-frequency transmission loss due to resonance effects of the loudspeaker surround. An enhanced model of a loudspeaker was then used to account for this phenomenon and more accurately predict the transmission loss behavior. An experimental proof-of-concept module was constructed using two 10 cm diameter loudspeaker drivers, two accelerometers, and other off-the-shelf materials. The two analog feedback controllers used in the module were designed and built using measured frequency response function techniques. The passive and active transmission loss of the module was measured using a plane-wave tube. Transmission loss of broadband random-noise in excess of 50 dB was achieved between 100 Hz and 2 kHz. The experimental transmission loss results validated the numerical model and showcased the transmission loss performance of the new module design.



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Ira A. Fulton College of Engineering and Technology; Mechanical Engineering



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active noise control, sound transmission, active structural control, noise, barrier, transmission loss, panel, wall, single-panel, double-panel, analog, feedback