This project outlines the discovery and digitization of previously unpublished correspondence composed by late 19th century author and literary critic, Marcel Schwob. Inspired by the inquiry of Bibliothèque Nationale Librarian Bernard Gauthier, Professor Daryl Lee alerted me to the presence of Marcel Schwob materials at BYU. I found that former BYU Professor John Green established a Marcel Schwob Memorial Collection and successfully published two books using the materials he gathered: Chroniques and Correspondance Inédite. After thoroughly researching the catalogued Schwob materials at BYU and comparing the contents to other Schwob publications, I found 72 previously unpublished letters. The majority of the letters (62) were written by Schwob to family members, and the remaining 9 letters were written to Schwob by colleagues. International interest in Marcel Schwob materials is one of many indicators representing renewed interest in the author, his work, and his influence. Recent publications also reflect growing Schwob interest. In Marcel Schwob, d'hier et d'aujourd'hui (2002), Christian Berg and Yves Vadé shed new light on Schwob through the observations of his contemporaries and modern-day essays on the importance of his contes. In addition, Jean Lorrain: Lettres à Marcel Schwob (2006) furthers the effort to better understand Schwob through a collection of correspondence. In light of this renewed interest, I determined that the previously unpublished correspondence would serve as a useful research tool for Schwob scholars. With the guidance and assistance of employees at the Harold B. Lee Library, I subsequently converted the correspondence into a digital publication. Creating a digital publication is a multifaceted undertaking requiring the involvement and expertise of different individuals and library departments. I successfully learned how to use both the hardware and software involved in the digitization process, thereby facilitating my completion of project deliverables, including: scanning and transcribing the letters; writing letter summaries (in both French and English), extracting names, and completing other metadata; uploading metadata using the Lee Library's external database; establishing authority control records; writing website content (in both French and English), and publicizing the project. This document contains the major deliverables found in the digital publication, specifically the website content, the letter transcriptions, and the metadata.



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Schwob, Marcel, 1867-1905 Correspondence, Authors, French 19th century Correspondence, Schwob, Marcel, 1867-1905 Correspondance, Auteurs français 19me siècle Correspondance