Technology push product development presents a number of challenges over the more typical market pull product development. Despite these challenges, enough advantages exist to motivate firms to develop technology push products at greater risk. Modularity is a tool that can address some of these challenges. Currently most research and application of modularity have focused on market pull product development efforts. The research in this thesis explores the value of modularity in technology push product development through the development of methods and the analysis of 68 example products including 35 technology push products. A method has been developed for quantifying the degree to which a product is market pull and technology push by applying scores derived from customer feedback. In the development of the scoring method, the meaning of the terms market pull and technology push have been explored and clarified allowing for beneficial application. The scoring method was applied to 68 example products and then statistically evaluated to determine the effect that the market pull and technology push scores have on the probability of product success. With the market pull and technology push scores as a basis for the probability of success, the effect of modularity in technology push products can be determined. The concept of technology modularity was introduced in comparison to product modularity. Each of the 35 technology push products was evaluated to determine the level of both product and technology modularity present. These levels are used to statistically evaluate the affect of modularity on the probability of product success. This research presents methods for determining if technology modularity can significantly improve the probability of product success with examples indicating its value and application. Technology modularity, and its application, is validated as an important concept for technology push product developers. Three example products are provided to illustrate the application of this research to improve product development decisions. The methods, results, and conclusions of this research provide product developers with a powerful tool to aid them in the successful development and commercialization of technology push products.



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Ira A. Fulton College of Engineering and Technology; Mechanical Engineering



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product development, technology push, market pull, modularity, technology modularity, product success modeling