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Banking the Unbanked


Janine Firpo


Janine Firpo is the president of Sevak Solutions, a nonprofit company that she co-founded to promote inclusive systems for the delivery of financial services to the world's 1.7 billion urban and rural poor. Her consulting firm, SEMBA Consulting, focuses on successfully integrating information technology into emerging markets. She also serves on the board of the Jhai Foundation. Firpo holds master's degrees in marine biology and computer science from the University of Florida and a bachelor's degree in biology from UCLA. Firpo led the work described in this paper while director at Hewlett-Packard. This version is adapted from Firpo's "Banking the U banked: Technology's Role in Delivering Accessible Financial Services to the Poor," published by The Foundation for Development Cooperation. The full article can be viewed at http://www.fdc.org.au/Electronic%20Banking%20with%20the%20Poor/4%20Firpo.pdf.



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ESR Review

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