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Creating a Dynamic Board


This article is taken from a report issued in 2003 by the Nonprofit Practice at McKinsey & Company, entitled “The Dynamic Board: Lessons from High- Performing Non-Profits.”
Does a great nonprofit organization need an exemplary board of directors? If an organization has a visionary leader, a skilled staff, loyal donors, and a substantial endowment, what does the board really add? In our consulting work, we are frequently asked to help assess board performance and identify opportunities for improvement. To get a more precise view of what makes board governance effective, we interviewed the directors or board chairs of thirty-two of the one hundred organizations named as top performers by Worth magazine in 2001.


Although we credit the three primary authors of this article, we'd like to give special recognition to Paul Jansen. Jansen adapted their article for use in this publication. He is the director of the nonprofit practice at McKinsey & Company's San Francisco office. He serves clients in the philanthropy, health, and international aid fields, and is a former board chair of the San Francisco Zoological Society.; ;



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