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Unavoidable macroeconomic adjustment policies have exacerbated social inequalities in Latin America. As a result, electoral platforms have identified microenterprises as an alternative economic activity to help alleviate poverty. Pursuing an efficient microentrepreneurial base requires from governments a comprehensive package of both financing and training strategies. Conversely, microentrepreneurs require a better understanding of their activity in order to set forward arguments that will allow them to enhance their management practices. Government policies towards the microenterprise sector should create favorable conditions conducive to the establishment and operation of financial institutions as well as specialized nongovernmental organizations providing training and consulting. Within that framework, this article attempts to raise awareness of the managerial and policy implications of the interactions between financing and training in affecting microenterprise performance.


Jaime Ortiz is on the faculty in the Department of Management, International Business, and Entrepreneurship and Assistant Director of International Programs at Florida Atlantic University. He has consulted and published widely on small business development and other topics in international business.



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Journal of Microfinance

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