Journal of Microfinance / ESR Review


Paul C. Godfrey


Editor's Note: This issue begins our third year under the banner ESR Review. ESR stands for economic self-reliance, and we have published a number of themed issues addressing particular issues of development and self-reliance. When I first became involved in this project, my task was to define what we mean by economic selfreliance and to create a theory-based model of how individuals and families can become more self-reliant. The next four issues will center on the different elements of the model. This issue focuses on the role of human capital in economic development and self-reliance.


Paul C. Godfrey currently serves as an associate professor of strategic management and associate academic director of the Economic Self-Reliance Center in the Marriott School of Management at Brigham Young University. His primary area of research expertise and interest is the relationship between corporate social responsibility and corporate financial performance and overall social wellbeing. Godfrey is increasingly turning his research attention to economic development and poverty alleviation.



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ESR Review

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