Article Title

Darkdeep #2: The Beast


Aubrey Parry


Excellent, Intermediate, Fantasy, Supernatural, Monsters, Friendship

Document Type

Book Review


Opal, Nico, and their friends saved their tiny town from a slew of imaginary horrors they accidentally conjured up, but they still have no clue what they're supposed to do as new, self-proclaimed Torchbearers. When figments start roaming the town once again despite the fact that no one has conjured them, the group begins to question what they really know about the Darkdeep. To make matters worse, producers of a famous YouTube series shows up in town to investigate townspeople’s claims of the Beast. The friends have to figure out what’s going on with the Darkdeep while trying to hide their secrets from the extremely curious video crew. Everything is not as it seems in the end, but the friends learn that they can rely on each other when everything goes wrong.