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Fly Flies


Amanda Morgan


Outstanding, Preschool, Primary, Personality, Individuality, Friendship

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Book Review


Fly has flown a certain way her whole life. One day she meets a blackbird flying straight ahead. The bird insists it’s the best way to fly, but Fly just can't do it no matter how hard she tries. A stork tells her she should wait for a gust of wind to guide her forward. Fly can't do that any better. She runs into starlings and a hawk, who also tell her to change the way she flies. When a butterfly stops her, Fly is fed up and yells that she likes the way she flies. Turns out, the butterfly doesn't think there’s anything wrong with Fly’s flying. In fact, they fly the same way. Fly decides there’s no right way to fly, but it’s definitely nice to find someone who flies like you.