Article Title

The Candle and the Flame


Jinn, Magic, Good And Evil, Heads Of State, Identity (Psychology), Silk Road, Young Adult, Excellent

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Book Review


Fatima’s family was murdered outside the city of Noor by bloodthirsty magical beings, the Shayateen Djinn, when Fatima was a child. Ghazala, an Ifrit djinni warrior, found Fatima close to death. Ghazala sacrificed herself by merging her powerful Ifrit magic into Fatima’s failing body. Fourteen years later, Fatima is scraping a living in Noor while struggling to hide her Ifrit powers. Meanwhile, Noor is protected from the Shayateen by the maharajah’s troops and Ifrit warriors, with Zulfikar as the Ifrit Captain. When an Ifrit spiritual leader is murdered, Zulfikar needs to fill the vital vacancy quickly. Surprisingly, he finds his candidate in Fatima. Totally unprepared to be in Noor royal society, Fatima feels lost and unsure of her blossoming Ifrit abilities, but Zulfikar helps to build her confidence. Threats soon come against the maharajah’s family, which strain human and Ifrit alliances. Only Fatima can keep the peace between human and Djinn powers by finding the real traitors threatening the city and the people she loves.