Tessa McMillan


Mystery, Mothers, Adventure, Kidnapping, Ghosts, Intermediate, Excellent

Document Type

Book Review


Ever since her adventures at Greenglass House, Marzana yearns to solve another mystery. Surprisingly, one falls into her lap, or actually her parents’ laps, when a politician’s daughter, Peony Hyde, is kidnapped. Because the kidnapping was near the sanctuary city of Liberty of Gammerbund, law enforcement are not allowed to go searching. As Marzana’s parents start their investigation, Marzana and her best friend, Nialla, put together a group of eager young detectives. Calling themselves the Thief Knot, the tween investigators decipher clues and traverse forgotten paths. However, after finding Peony, Marzana does not believe the case is solved. Peony looks too old and, as soon as she is reunited with her parents, they all immediately leave town. Using clues from the original ransom note and some forgotten Liberty history, the Thief Knot uncovers the real plot and set out to foil the kidnappers’ plans.