AWE (A Woman’s Experience)


Anna Lo Russo


Eve, Judeo-Christian cultural traditions, Christian art


Minerva Teichert Award Winner 2022

First Place Winner

Over the centuries, women belonging to the Judeo-Christian world have been subjected to live on the margins of society because of the traditional, male-centric perspective of the Adam and Eve story. Cultural traditions have limited women through claims that they are inherently disobedient, gullible, evil, and carnal, or that subordination to a husband and child labor are women’s punishments for Eve’s disobedience. Over time, these labels and accusations have limited the voice and overall freedom of women. Eve’s story, originally recorded by a male (and yet holy) prophet, has contributed to the objectification of women’s bodies, educational limitations, societal roles, and political injustices that have and continue to cause women grief and pain.