AWE (A Woman’s Experience)


Amy Griffin


spirituality, cathedrals, personal worship


It’s a world-famous cathedral, and I’m there, alone. Alone except for the tourists around me, who don’t count because I didn’t come here with them. Didn’t fly over the Atlantic with them. Alone except for the Instagram influencers next to me at the prayer candles, one onscreen talent and the other there to make the magic happen. On-screen has taken off her cardigan to reveal large breasts, leaning forward to make them pop. She opens her mouth slightly to let the candle glow reflect off her lip gloss. She turns her head from side to side, letting her camera-woman’s phone-in-hand take in every angle, and for a moment I’m disgusted. The light from the small candle I lit for the friends I’ve lost glints off her eyes, and I resent her for turning my sacred into her screen time.