AWE (A Woman’s Experience)


Emma Croft


body image, eating disorders, self-esteem, personal narrative


In rare moments, I recall the days of not caring. Imagine: when your favorite shoes were white, Velcro-fastened Mary Janes, worn with lace-trimmed socks and pink, striped Oshkosh overalls. When your hair--a golden curly mess that stood on end each day as you jumped from your bed--never bothered you until your mother tried to fix it, pulling at knots as you wailed and wept.


Emma Croft is a senior English major with minors in creative writing and music. She works as a tutor in the Writing center and a research assistant at the Neal A. Maxwell Institute for Religious Scholarship. She grew up in Washington and enjoys reading, writing, and hiking, as well as learning about women's studies. After taking a gap year, she plans on pursuing an MFA in creative nonfiction.