AWE (A Woman’s Experience)


artwork, women's studies




Madeline is an MFA candidate at Pratt Institute and received her BFA in studio art at BYU. She grew up in suburban Washington, D.C.; Georgia; Utah; and spent a few years in western and eastern Europe. Influenced by her varying surroundings, her work is preoccupied with space, setting, and narrative. In her paintings and drawings, she is aggressively exploring the concept of “objective correlative”—that objects can evoke specific but not pre-determined emotions in the viewer. She selects images and overlays them, curious as to the results the combination may produce. Through the slow, meticulous build-up of a world, she is looking for potential connections between the violent and peaceful, the old world and the new, the miraculous and the mundane. You can find more of her work at madelinerupard.com.