ABSTRACTLateral Resistance of Piles near 15 Foot Vertical MSE AbutmentWalls Reinforced with Ribbed Steel StripsJarell Jen Chou HanDepartment of Civil and Environmental Engineering, BYUMaster of ScienceA full scale MSE wall was constructed and piles were driven at various distances behind the wall. Lateral load tests were conducted to determine the effect of pile spacing from the wall on the lateral resistance of the piles and the force resisted by the MSE reinforcement. The piles used for this study were 12.75 inch pipe piles and the reinforcements were ribbed steel strips.Load-deflection curves were developed for piles located behind the wall at 22.4 inches (1.7 pile diameters), 35.4 inches (2.8 pile diameters), 39.4 inches (3.1 pile diameters) and 49.9 inches (3.9 pile diameters). Data results show that the lateral resistance of the pile decreases as the spacing behind the wall decreases. Measured load-deflection curves were used to compare with computed curves from LPILE with p-multiplier developed for the lateral resistance of piles closer to the wall. A curve was created showing the variation of p-multiplier with normalized pile spacing behind the wall. The curve suggests that a p-multiplier of 1 (no reduction in lateral resistance) can be used when a pile is placed at least four pile diameters from the back face of the wall.



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Ira A. Fulton College of Engineering and Technology; Civil and Environmental Engineering



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Laterally loaded pile, MSE wall, p-y curve