In order to understand the significance of music in our culture, we must learn of music history. This history includes not only a few men who have been revered through the centuries, but many who, during their lifetime and in their locality or country, exerted influence to some degree.

Such a man was John Jasper McClellan. He studied under some of the world's great teachers and received their praise; founded the University of Michigan Symphony Orchestra; directed the Salt Lake Opera Company, the Salt Lake Choral Society, and the Salt Lake Symphony Orchestra; founded the Utah Conservatory of Music; taught many of the musicians who are prominent today; was organist at the Salt Lake Tabernacle for twenty-five years; originated the regular free organ recitals in this country; and was considered one of the world's greatest organists.

The author has attempted to collect all available information concerning Mr. McClellan, to select those facts which give an insight into his personality as a musician, his contribution as a musician, and his influence as a musician, and to present these in an unbiased manner. Data was obtained from books, magazines, newspapers, unpublished writings, and interviews with persons acquainted with Mr. McClellan. This information is arranged chronologically, followed by an appendix containing information that did not seem to fit properly into the body of this work and yet seemed necessary to arrive at a true appreciation of this man.



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Organists, Utah, biography, John J. McClellan, 1874-1925