Efficiency in the presentation of a Latin text and its study-aids is the key to assisting intermediate students, who frequently become overwhelmed with the amount of vocabulary and grammar that needs to be simultaneously understood in order to read with any accuracy. This text breaks down the first book of Caesar's Bellum Gallicum in both a visual and a conceptual manner to aid students in learning intermediate Latin efficiently. The text is comprised of five parts. The first section contains the text as found in DuPontet's edition of Caesar's Bellum Gallicum. The second section has grammar notes that explain tense and case uses that are necessary for grasping the text, as well as citations for further reading. The third section displayes the text segmented into clauses and is positioned in such a way that the student can, at a glance, visualize what is part of the main clause, and what is subordinate to it. This segmentation assists the reader in learning to follow the order of Caesarian clauses when translating. The fourth section provides a list of vocabulary, not previously memorized by students, that happens to appear in that specific section. The final component is a list of all words that first appear in Book 1 of Caesar's Bellum Gallicum and that appear throughout Caesar's text five or more times.



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Caesar, textbook, vocabulary frequency, grammar