This work presents two novel methods of estimating the state of a dynamic system in a Kalman Filtering framework. The first is an application specific method for use with systems performing Visual Odometry in a mostly planar scene. Because a Visual Odometry method inherently provides relative information about the pose of a platform, we use this system as part of the time update in a Kalman Filtering framework, and develop a novel way to propagate the uncertainty of the pose through this time update method. Our initial results show that this method is able to reduce localization error significantly with respect to pure INS time update, limiting drift in our test system to around 30 meters for tens of seconds. The second key contribution of this work is the Manifold EKF, a generalized version of the Extended Kalman Filter which is explicitly designed to estimate manifold-valued states. This filter works for a large number of commonly useful manifolds, and may have applications to other manifolds as well. In our tests, the Manifold EKF demonstrated significant advantages in terms of consistency when compared to other filtering methods. We feel that these promising initial results merit further study of the Manifold EKF, related filters, and their properties.



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Ira A. Fulton College of Engineering and Technology; Electrical and Computer Engineering



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Riemannian manifold, Kalman filter, unmanned air vehicles, homography, image registration, direct image registration, visual odometry