We present a solution to animating interactions between characters and thin, non-rigid bodies using a passive optical motion capture system. Prior work in human body motion capture can accurately recreate human motion but this work is not adequate because it does not allow for interactions with a non-rigid body. Prior work in face and cloth motion capture handles non-rigid planes but rope is better handled with a curved spline rather than a curved plane. The segmented motion is in the form of un-indexed motion capture data. After segmenting the motion of the thin, non-rigid body and the human character the separated motion capture data can be recreated individually. The recreated motion streams are then recombined using 3D modeling and animation software. The presented solution also improves techniques for recreating thin, non-rigid body motion from un-indexed motion capture data. Using the linear combination of two predicted marker positions our solution can accurately track motion capture markers through each frame of the motion capture data. This also allows our solution to invent marker positions when gaps are present in the motion capture data. Our improvements allow users to reconstruct the motion of both a human character and a thin, non-rigid body simultaneously from motion capture data gathered in a mixed motion capture session.



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Physical and Mathematical Sciences; Computer Science



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rigid body motion capture, non-rigid body motion capture, motion capture, animation