While many literary sources outline the product development process, few make mention of the prototyping and testing stage. This thesis suggests that because of its importance in the product development process, "Testing" should be documented as a major step and not just listed as a side note. As part of the testing step, it is suggested that standardized, in-use, and market tests be used to properly evaluate a product. While many rely solely on standardized tests to validate their products, effective in-use tests can be another vital tool that can prove the performance of the product in more specific and relevant applications. In-use tests are a major focus in this thesis and the process of developing and using these in-use tests is explored. A case study is used to prove that effective product development will follow the outlined testing procedure. Also, it shows that in-use testing, combined with other types of testing, can be a vital tool to ensuring the successful launch of a newly developed product. As a result of the case study, the traditional new product development process is amended and a set of guidelines are proposed for use in constructing a successful testing methodology for the new product development process.



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Product Development, standardized testing, in-use testing, prototyping

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