Both young adult literature and transnational literature occupy transitional spaces and defy simple classifications. Their commonalities naturally suit the two sets of literature for concurrent study. However, the field is underdeveloped, particularly in the United States. With a concentration on the exchanges taking place between the U.S. and Germany, this thesis addresses the need to assemble primary materials and pertinent critical commentary into a single place available to educators, scholars, and researchers to acquire background on transnational YAL themes. The thesis delineates methods used in conducting and compiling research on U.S.-German YAL exchange and highlights the translation and publication concerns associated with this process. It examines how prizes for translations are granted in each nation, identifying organizations that facilitate the process of exchange and describing transnational trends rising out of these circumstances. The concluding chapter visits concerns and complications raised during the investigation, posing questions for further study of the U.S.-German young adult literature relationship and advocating the pursuit of similar research in other world regions. The appendices provide sites for continued examination. They include lists of award-winning translations available in the U.S., novels by American authors that have been translated and published in Germany, and novels by German-language authors that have been translated and published in the U.S.



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Arbeitskreis fuer Jugendliteratur, author, awards, Batchelder, children's literature, exchange, Cornelia Funke, German, Germany, interdisciplinary research, Jugendliteratur, Gillian Lathey, literature, Emer O'Sullivan, translation, transnational literature, prizes, publishing, young adult literature, youth literature