Poetic Parallelisms in the Book of Mormon


Donald W. Parry


Hebrew, chiasmus, scripture, LDS

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The Book of Mormon can be read—and should be read—in many ways. The present volume superbly facilitates one kind of literary reading of the Book of Mormon by reformatting its complete text in order to display as plainly as possible its most skillful and most beautiful uses of virtually all varieties of parallelism.

Donald Parry’s expert introduction thoroughly familiarizes readers with an entire host of parallelistic arrangements. The most famous of these is chiasmus; but chiasmus has a large number of close literary cousins, all of which are well worth getting to know. Examples of them can be found on just about every page of the Book of Mormon, not to mention the related pages of the Hebrew Bible and cognate literatures.

Learning with this aid to read the Book of Mormon with an eye toward its abundant use of parallelism opens new windows of understanding and appreciation for this richly rewarding scripture.

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