Teachings of the Pearl of Great Price


Hugh W. Nibley



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Nibley weaves a tapestry of thought and doctrine throughout the ages—from the earliest known writing on the Shabako Stone to the Jewish Dead Sea Scrolls and Christian apocrypha—all the way to the latter days when all things will be restored, especially the “plain and precious” that were lost. Nibley doesn’t restore those parts, but merely traces them through the ages until the latter days, where they show up in archeological findings and through revelation to prophets in this dispensation.

Nibley shows that Joseph Smith, a product of early American culture, would have had an impossible task of reconstructing ancient theological and historical concepts not fully realized until long after his martyrdom in 1844. Here are the transcripts of Dr. Hugh Nibley’s honors class on the Pearl of Great Price that he taught at BYU during 1986. These lectures are not polished, but then, neither was Nibley. However, they document pearls as ancient and as enduring as God’s first revelations to mankind. Nibley’s ability to bring together such diverse sources and his commentary make them timeless additions to any Latter-day Saint’s library.

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