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Many people claim to know details of his life, but few would be able recall all the details of those remarkable years when he was among us. So who was Jesus of Nazareth? How did he develop a large group of followers through the course of his lifetime? And why did he lay down his life for us? Frederic Farrar’s brilliant two-volume biography aims to answer all of these questions and to enlighten those of us who at the moment only have a brief understanding of Jesus’ life. “by far the most able and worthy work of its kind ever written in English” (The Quarterly Review). Farrar takes a chronological overview of Christ’s life and uncovers many of the periods of his life that have been too often been forgotten or even misunderstood. It is a remarkable account, drawn from a variety of sources, that is vividly written to help the reader further understand who Christ was.

Two volumes have been combined into one for this edition of Farrar’s work so that the reader can follow Christ’s life from beginning to end. Volume One covers from the Nativity to the feeding of the four thousand, while Volume Two begins with the great confession and finishes with the Resurrection.

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