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Shurooq fled Iraq and came to the United States when she was 12. Iraq was a beautiful place full of family and celebration. Her brother passed away from leukemia 1 1/2 years prior to coming to the States. Prior to his death, their father took him to Syria to for treatment. He passed in Syria. Although the family had applied for a medical visa to the United States, upon Shurooq’s brother’s passing, they received threats and knew they could not stay. The call came for the visa and all but her mother were able to come. Thankfully her mother arrived a short time later. Life in Salt Lake City was very difficult. She experienced intense bullying, even by kids of her own culture and no community support. She was choked in the locker room, giving herself intense body issues. She suffered severe mental health issues, even near to the point of suicide…twice. With incredible strength, she made it through high school graduation and began attending Salt Lake Community College. She is now an advocate for refugees and for mental health. She is the Salt Lake Community Program Director for Their Story is Our Story. As of 2021, Shurooq participates in many lectures and events related to refugee advocacy. She is also studying to become a surgeon.

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