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2020 Children's Story Cards





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Arif: "I like being in school again."

Norina: "We laugh a lot but I also worry."

Nooda: "I came on a boat. It was a big boat!"

Madina: "I just want to live in a safe place..."

Shurangez: "Sometimes we didn't feel safe at school."

Alex: "I'm from Nigeria. Coming to Italy was very difficult-very, very difficult, a real struggle."

Danial: "I want to be a useful person and follow my dreams."

Firoz: "I am 13 years old and I am worried about my family."

Ali: "Ali lived in Afghanistan. One day while walking to school a bomb exploded near him."

Kamil: It wasn't safe to stay, so Kamil and his family left Syria and went to a camp in Lebanon. They Stayed there for three years, hoping that the war would end and they could go back to their home.

Nadia: "Because of our religion and ethnicity, the government of Iran discriminates against us and will not allow us to study at a university, obtain a job, or to own a home."

Saedah: Left Syria among the eleven million Syrians who fled their home to leave war and find peace.

A Message to the World: These three boys fled violence and persecution in Afghanistan.

Husna: "I walked 3200 miles so I can go to school."

Aeham: Aeham had to leave Damascus to stay alive, and took a dangerous sea journey followed by a long walking journey to arrive in Germany.

Running Water: Now they wait in a refugee camp.

Omar: "When the Taliban came to our village, my mother took us into the mountains to hide for days. This happened many times."

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2020 Children's Story Cards