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Samadi was a member of the Kurdistan Freedom Party. He joined at the age of 17 and has been a member for 22 years. This party sought an independent Kurdistan and fought with the invader countries. Samadi lived at the Oinofyat Refugee Camp in Greece at the time of this interview. His daughter was killed by ISIS in 2014 while defending Kurdistan. After her death, his family was threatened by the Salafi group. They left to save their lives. Samedi says that the Salafi group rapes and kills children in the name of religion. He says he is a fighter and he is not afraid of the group, but in order to save his children he had to leave his homeland. He says the Iranian government is using genocide to break the Kurdish unity. He talks about Shigal City, where ISIS took girls and raped them, executed young boys, and buried old people alive. He is hopeful that the Peshmarga group—who are fighting against Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Syria, and ISIS—will save his homeland.


Greece, Kurdistan, Oinofyta Refugee Camp, Loss Kurdistan Freedom Party, Genocide, Iran, Family, Threats, daughter, father, Political parties, ISIS, Freedom, Shigal City, Peshmarga, Rape, Buried alive, Murder


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