Internship Experience, Joseph Smith Papers Internship


Despited his prophetic Calling, it is doubtful that Joseph Smith knew when he established the Church in 1830 that it would take twenty-four large folio volumes of records to document his fourteenyear ministry. Nor did he foresee the dozens of historians, millions of dollars, and impressive research library that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints would devote to the history's assembly. The Joseph Smith Papers Project, commenced in 2001, will publish every known and available document composed or dictated by Joseph Smith from 1828 to his martyrdom in 1844. Magnificent in scope, chis mountain of work encompasses a collection of about seven thousand manuscripts (letters, legal documents, and journals written, owned, or dictated by Joseph Smith) co be transcribed, annotated, and verified. Contributing co che project as a student intern has been the most worthwhile work I have done at Brigham Young University. Indeed, I have come co truly know Joseph Smith.