John Hoback, Edward Robinson, and Jacob Reznor, The west


Warned by John Reed that a band of Shoshones were on the war path, Marie Dorion gathered her two young children, got on her horse, and headed to where her husband, Pierre, was hunting. Delayed by darkness, cold, and fear of Indians, Marie finally reached the hut from which Pierre and the other men were hunting. As she approached the hut, she saw Giles Leclerc "staggering as if unwell." Wounded and faint from the loss of blood, Leclerc told Marie that La Chappelle, Reznor, and her husband had been "robbed and murdered that morning. " Marie put LeClerc and one of her two children on her horse and immediately headed back to John Reed's post. That night, LeClerc died. Marie covered him with brushwood and snow, gathered her two children on her horse, and again started back to Reed's post.