Education Reform, religion, al-Ghazali, Islam


Abu Hamid Muhammad al-Ghaziili" (1058-1111 CE) is best known for his development of Islamic philosophy and his embrace of Sufism, but he was also an important contributor to the theory of Islamic education. There is no shortage of scholarship on al-Ghazali"'s promotion of Sufism, his contributions to Islamic philosophy and his involvement in court politics. His position on education, however, is less well-known. Avner Giladi, an authority on the history of education in the Islamic world, has observed that in medieval Islam, education was an inseparable part of religion and politics. Therefore, it is only natural that, rather than writing a treatise explicitly on education, al-Ghaziili" would address this topic in some of his theological writings. The existence of treatises on the subject of education that were falsely attributed to him attest that in the Islamic world, there was widespread respect for him as a teacher and, by inference, as an authority on educational methods and theory.