rebellion of An Lushan, Consort Yang, General An Lushan


This essay is a narrative account of the rebellion of An Lushan and the death of Precious Consort Yang, drawn primarily from a section of Sirna Guang's Zizhi tongjian, translated by Paul W. Kroll in "The Flight from the Capital and the Death of Precious Consort Yang," Tang Studies, no. 3 (Boulder: University of Colorado Press, 1985). This narrative also utilizes one of the two biographies of An Lushan: Howard S. Le,y, trans., The Biography of An Lushan (Los Angeles: University of California Press, 1960). With these two primary sources and a few key secondary sources I have been able to accurately recount the rebellion of An Lushan from the perspective of Precious Consort Yang, General An Lushan, and Emperor Xuanzong. The events leading up to the rebellion, including the circumstances of the deaths of the three characters will be examined. It is shown an explanation of why the rebellion of An Lushan occurred as well as how it was possible.