Germany, Germany's War, Jewish extermination


Fifty years ago the war between Germany and the Allies was coming to its final stage. In the East, the Red Army had broken through the German central front in Poland, had driven deeply into Germany itself, had taken much of the Silesian industrial area, had established a bridgehead over the Oder River, and was eliminating pockets of German resistance isolated by the winter offensive, even while preparations were beginning for the final assault on Berlin. In the South, all Soviet territory once occupied by the Germans had been freed almost a year earlier, and the Red Army occupied Romania, Bulgaria, most of Hungary, and was in contact with Tito's partisans in Yugoslavia. In the Mediterranean, the Allies in Italy had fought to the edge of the Po River basin, having taken the airfields north of Rome, which had been one of the objectives of the Italian campaign; they were now ready to push toward the Alps and Trieste.