Amy R. Thrall


pilgrimage, family, Danish Brotherhood, culture


"Where was Chris?; Why didn't he hurry?" He knew Greta was to be the overseer of the dinner. It was Midsummer's Day; she had to be in Linden by nine o'clock to organize the work in the kitchen. The four girls, up since dawn, harassed her with questions; too young to understand that "sol er oppe" meant "sun is up," signifying a blessing to the earth in bringing life to the crops and flowers. The sun doesn't set in Denmark on June 24th until eleven at night and rises at two in the morning. Having lived through the long and dark winter, the arrival of warmth and light had a significance so special, so deep-rooted, it was difficult to explain to the children. She couldn't, yet, express her feelings in English, the belief that the evening before was filled with magical powers.