Dannebrog, Nebraska, Danish festivals, Grundlovsdag, Danish colonies, Danish American history


In June, a yearly festival is held in Dannebrog, Nebraska, in conjunction with Grundlovsdag (Danish Constitution Day). The festival, which observes Denmark’s independence and honors the town of Dannebrog, named for Denmark’s flag, began in 1987. Dannebrog celebrates its Danish Days, known as Grundlovsfest, every year during the first weekend in June; however, the festival was previously held from the late 1800s through the 1930s when it was called Gorbennad (Dannebrog spelled backwards). Driving down the main street in Dannebrog today one can find an antique store, an ice cream shop, and a bakery, which showcase the town’s Danish roots. The town of Dannebrog continues to promote its Danish heritage in Howard County, Nebraska. (Two other towns in Howard County, Dannevirke and Nysted, were named after places in Denmark.)