Inge Ambrosius


Danish Emigration, Ambrosius family, Danish Argentinians, Danish immigrants


I have had a box of newspaper clippings, letters, pictures, books, and other materials about Danish immigrants in Argentina for many years. Many of my relatives live in Argentina, and the material was assembled by my grandmother and my father. When I retired from teaching high school history and geography, I finally had the time to look at the material. Among other things, the box contained the memoirs of my great-grandfather’s younger brother, Niels Jensen Ambrosius, “Memories of my life and whereabouts in Argentina.” They were written in 1951 when Niels was eighty-four years old. Reading them made me curious, and his memoirs, along with the other materials, inspired me to try to find answers to the following questions: Why was Argentina and not the United States the target of emigration in our family? How did the emigrants do? Do their Danish roots have any significance today?