Danish plays, comedies


Translator’s Note: I was asked to translate Kjeld Abell’s play EVE! EVE! by my Danish language professor Norman Bansen at Dana College years ago. Given Abell’s unique style and subject matter, the translating process has not been without challenges, but it has also been a delight. I particularly enjoy the comical text of the play and the subject matter that, to my knowledge, has never been explored. Who knows anything about Eve’s childhood? What about the romantic side of Adam and Eve’s relationship, their family life, or their presence on the wall of a museum? Comedy, especially, takes on not only the subject matter but also the undercurrent of humor that accompanies the plot. EVE! EVE! was often performed by students at the gymnasium level in Denmark during the 1960’s and 1970’s. However, this is not so common today, as Abell’s works have been replaced by contemporary theatrical works dealing with more current topics. In correspondence with Abell’s son, Jens Jacob Abell, I learned that he considered it a pleasure to know that his father’s plays and books aroused interest outside of Denmark, so I hope that the readers of The Bridge will enjoy reading this.