Danish culture, Dansih family, Danish heritage


Danish people are known for being innovative thinkers. They are independent, willing to take risks, able to stand up for their thoughts and beliefs, daring enough to commit themselves without fear of failure, and deeply trusting of each other. They are hardworking, flexible, and intellectual (Nordic Reach 2008). This is the stuff of creativity and the dispositions that support it, according to current research on the psychology of creativity (Piirto 2001). As the granddaughter of Jens Peder Jensen, a Danish immigrant who homesteaded in South Dakota in 1907, my life was shaped by the influence of our close family in both the United States and those who stayed in Denmark. From these family members I gained the power of story and tradition, close relationships, and group strength in times of extreme challenge and adversity. In this paper, I explore Danish family and culture as a model for supporting innovation and a balance of creative, critical, and practical skills as well as the dispositions so needed in every area of life, including education. As a designer/artist and college professor, I research the conditions that promote creativity—in particular, creativity that enables greater well-being through times of personal and familial challenges. how might the values instilled by Danish heritage affect future generations, particularly in the areas of creativity, lifelong learning, and resilience in the face of adversity? Are aspects of character and particular mindsets instilled, and if so, can they be identified? My