Nete Schmidt


feminism, crime genre, Scandinavian Noir


I am originally from Denmark, blond, and blue-eyed. I have five kids of varying ages, but no tattoos and no piercings, so I am a very normal Danish woman! I had an important introduction to the state of feminism in the United States when I lived in San Francisco for a year in 1986. A single mother of three, I had brought my kids along and got a lot of help from a dear friend Jenny, who had a husband and two kids. She also worked twelve hours a day, and when I asked her when she saw her kids, she introduced to me the notion of "quality time" for an hour each night. I remember thinking that feminism was not faring too well in the U.S., a notion that was confirmed when I moved here permanently and saw my daughter being required to go back to work after six weeks of maternity leave.