Sophus F. Neble


Danish immigrants, naturalization, voting


Is the Danish immigrant to the United States quickly naturalized?

This is a question people home in Denmark often ask me, and I will answer both yes and no.

Yes! In as much as it is a known fact that the Danish immigrant, to a higher degree than most other nationalities, takes advantage of his right to apply for “first papers” soon after his arrival.

No! In as much as many Danes, who have received these naturalization papers, never go so far as to get the last citizenship papers and therefore do not become full citizens. If the reason is that the naturalization papers were enough to gain voting rights in many (especially western) states and also gave rights to obtain the free government land, the so-called “homestead,” I can’t say, but it is a fact that many Danes in America, even people who have lived here a generation, have not received their final citizenship papers.