P. S. Vig


religion, immigrants, the United Church


“The United Danish Evangelical Lutheran Church in America” is the name of an organization of congregations and pastors who are among those Danes who have immigrated to America, and who desire to hold firmly to the faith in which they were baptized, to remain in that church to which they have belonged since childhood, and who want to support the effort to preserve that faith in their adopted land and pass that heritage on to their children. This goal is not attainable except by mutual work, sacrifice and effort. “The United Church,” as we are now used to saying in daily conversation, is therefore not nearly so much a designation for what has already been attained, but as a goal toward which our limited abilities can reach. I regard this remark as necessary for Danish readers, that they should not find an entirely too glaring a contrast between our “impressive” name and our limited results thus far. “The United Church” is an ambitious title, but it also represents our objective and is thus deemed appropriate for what we are still working toward today, even though our forces are small.