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Written in the 1930s, Petersen, in his memoirs, tells the story of his life beginning with his childhood in Denmark in the 1860s and concludes in the 1890s when he married and became a settled citizen in Dannebrog, Nebraska. He is best known for his decade-long service as postmaster in Dannebrog and publisher of the Dannebrog News. But instead of telling about his career as postmaster and publisher, he relates, in great detail, events from his youth, his various jobs, his travels from place to place as his work directed him, and incidents that he witnessed. Nevertheless, his story is an important document in Danish American immigrant history, because it not only tells how he found his place in America, but also includes his frequent references to other Danish Americans, and his observations about a significant Danish settlement in Nebraska. Considering the extensive gap between the events and his writing, one can only be impressed with Petersen's memory for names and details.