Pia Viscor


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Traveling eastwards across the Danish island of Sjrelland, you turn off superhighway E66 at Ringsted and take highway Al towards Roskilde. Soon, you see a sign pointing to Jystrup and take the short side road to that village. The rolling countryside is idyllic, dotted with small lakes and ponds, tidy farmland alternating with forest. Jystrup lies on the eastern shore of a lake, with the church and village of Valselille on the opposite shore. On a peninsula at the northern end of the lake are ruins of Skjoldenres castle, beseiged and conquered by King Valdemar Atterdag in the mid-fourteenth century. Farther north, you see the manor house of Skjoldenresholm that replaced the castle. It has been rebuilt several times; the manor you see today was built in the year 1766. Since 1794, the Skjoldenresholm estate has been owned by the Bruun de Neergaard family